Small scale Gold Miners: If you need Modern Mining Equipment to graduate from a “Small Scale Gold Miner” to “A Large Successful Gold Miner” you need to read this entire page.

I am NOT offering you GIFTS, what I am offering you is Strictly Business… (Good Profitable Business) I am offering to “Supply” New Modern Mining Equipment to you NOT GIFTING such Equipment to you… see below…

Conditionally I will supply to you Brand New Modern Mining Equipment and a Trainer to teach your men how to operate the Equipment at no cost to You!

Both the Extractor and the DOVE “Superminer” Wash Plant would be delivered to you at the same time. If you prefer a different Wash Plant such may be OK with me…

For me to be able to afford to supply to you the Extractor and Wash Plant and Trainer you would need to sell to me a Total of at least 550 Kilos of Gold bars or Gold nuggets.

If you do not have 550 Kilos of Gold right now… “No Problem” by utilizing my Concepts in time you would be credited by such an amount and possibly more if you deal with me as your Interim Gold Buyer…

By Interim Gold Buyer I mean the following:

I am not the actual End Buyer, I do not have such money, however, I have an Agreement with a Large Refinery to buy all of the Gold from me and they are aware of my situation. (That I am acting as an Interim Buyer) I could act as a Broker, however, as a Broker I would not earn enough money to supply to you Modern Mining Equipment.

My End Buyer is one of the largest Gold Refinery in the World located in Dubai; which means that you would need to trust the Refinery not me. (I do not get to see your Gold) All of the Documents would need to be in favor of the Refinery.

How to get started doing business with me…

Sell to me initially 10 Kilos of Gold Bars or Gold Nuggets as a Trial; CIF to Dubai (CIF means that you would pay ALL costs till the Gold reaches the Dubai Airport; this is not negotiable) and once you sell 30 Kilos of Gold to me on CIF basis, I would then tell you HOW we could work together profitably; Starting by my supplying to you a New HILUX Toyota Truck to be used by you as a Tool to make things happen in both our favors!

Via my Concepts you will need such a Truck to succeed unless of course you already own a minimum of 550 Kilos of Gold bars or Gold Nuggets to sell to me at an accepted price. Please keep reading especially if you do not presently own a minimum of 550 Kilos of Gold to sell to me…


When you sell to me just 30 Kilos of Gold, I will show you how you would be able to receive Modern Mining Equipment at no Cost to you! Such could be done via a Domino effect in your favor… *See Domino effect below…
If you are a Gold Miner you get to keep 100% Ownership of your Gold Mine! I am not doing this to become your Partner, I am doing this to help you and to later have access from you to real Gold after the Extractor and Wash Plant become in use by you… Meaning for me to do what I stated above, I must have a written five (5) Year Contract from you guarantying that you will sell to me all of the Gold that you extract from your Mine at a reasonable price while utilizing my Equipment. To be safe, we will need to negotiate the price of the Gold for all of the above mentioned before we enter the five (5) Year Contract.

Contact me only if you agree totally to the above…

I wish you the very best…



* Domino effect (See below)


As stated above we can start with 10 Kilos of Gold bars or nuggets, but via a Domino effect you would eventually be able to sell to me the required 550 Kilos of Gold bars or nuggets to obtain from me Brand New Modern Mining Equipment at no cost to you and in the process you would earn money as well by introducing other Gold Miners to me. If you are interested Email to me your FCO at:

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A True Story

Thank you.


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