Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following is my Promise:

Every time a Gold Seller sells to me 25 KGs of Gold via my terms, I will create two (2) Paying jobs.

To see how I buy Gold as an Interim Buyer please click  HERE.

Job qualifications:

1) Must be of legal age

2) Speak English

3) Must have a Drivers License.

Job entailment:

Such employees must be able to drive a 4 X4 truck which I will supply, to visit/meet small scale Gold and Diamonds Miners and to introduce me and what I am offering to small scale Gold and Diamonds Miners… as per this very Web site:

Pay scale:

I will pay the going rate for such jobs plus 10%, plus incentives/Bonuses.

Number of Days per Week?

Five (5) days per Week.

How Paid?

Wages will be paid Weekly, Bank to Bank

How and when will such Jobs be offered by me? (Dalli)

Every time a Gold Seller sells to me 25 KGs of Gold, I will then advertise in a local Newspapers seeking two qualified Drivers that speak English and able to communicate with Miners in a friendly respectful manner.

To be clear, every time a Gold Seller sells to me 25 KGs of Gold at an agreed to price and agrees to my terms, upon each successful sale, such Jobs would then be offered by me.

To further clarify: As an Example, If a Gold Seller would sell to me 50 KGs of Gold my way, I would then offer four (4) such jobs…

If a Gold Seller sells to me 100 KGs of Gold my way, I would then offer eight (8) such Jobs and so on…

I repeat, every time a Gold Seller sells to me 25 KGs of Gold, I will hire two people as I indicated above.

The 25 KGs of Gold must prove to be 99.9% pure after smelting. In other words, the payment for the Gold per KG would be based on an agreed to price, however, the price per KG would be for Gold having a purity of 99.9%.

Should you have any questions, I am available via Email.



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