This is me Dalli at work. (Scroll down to see my ID and my Concepts/Inventions)

The Pictures/Renderings on the wall are one of a kind. I had my concepts brought to life by Artists.

See below:






Here are two of my IDs:


Copy of my Real Estate Broker License                               Copy of my Passport














My profession:

I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California, USA and Presently I am an Interim Buyer/Seller of Gold.  I am a businessman and have been in business for over 51 Years.

Since I invented a Toy and got it patented, the US Government recognized me as an “Inventor”. (I am rather proud of this fact)

The following are my Concepts/Inventions:

1) AQUARANT, see:

2) FUNTASEA, see:

3) “CONDAL” Hotel Condominiums I invented in 1972

4) Transport O Cruise I invented in 1973 (In the front of the vehicle I designed it for 6 passengers, sleeping quarters in the center and the back portion as  a Truck to move furniture etc). Ideal for Families that wish to relocate and be able to move their own belongings and travel together.



5) Inflatable Toy simulating Space Station and Ship invented in 197o and patented in 1971, see:



6) “Dalli’s Pre-Refinery & Refinery System” utilizing the Dry Processing Plants manufactured by DOVE.

Note: I invented other things, however,  for the purpose of this presentation, they are not important.

Any Gold Miner that has a minimum of 25 KGs of Gold to sell and in need of Modern Mining Equipment should contact me now…


This is how I exercise… Slowly…

Progressive Resistance in Slow Motion. (PRISM)

I am overweight by 5 pounds and it is all on my tummy! One way or another I made up my mind to get in shape again… All that I need to do is to eat less bread and exercise a bit more… My right weight is 150 pounds. (I am 5′ 6″ tall)

Exercises…Progressive Resistance in Slow Motion (PRISM)

Easy Exercises

My name is Aloysius Dalli, I am 74 and I try to exercise daily.
I am a bit overweight because I spend most of my time behind my computer working on my Web sites. ( and

I feel so much better when I exercise… My preferred Exercise is Walking, I walk 1 to 2 hours per day…
I like to stretch and I use a Rubber Band when I do certain Exercises. When I use the rubber band I do my Exercises very slowly and I do so because they are harder to do/more effective.

I enumerated each photo in order to describe what I do.
1) I like to stretch and I use my Chinning bar to do so.
2) I also use the chinning bar to do “Leg Lifts” …these are great for the waist. (I do not like to do crunches)
3) I stretch my back by bending forward and I do so till I am able to touch the ground.
4) To further stretch my back, I lay down on the ground and I bring my knees up to my Chin… I of course alternate, one knee at a time…
5) I stretch some more by reaching hard towards the ceiling…
6) Since I believe that “Posture” is very important, I often place my back against the wall making sure that the back of my head touches the wall, including the back of my feet. I do this often in order to remind myself how I should walk.
7) I am holding the Blue Rubber band which I use to do numerous Exercises… as you can see it is rolled and fits easily in my hand…
(8) When I walk, I do not just walk, I have my music on, (I enjoy Latin/upbeat music) and I walk with an “Attitude”… With pride.. straight up and sometimes I even skip as if I am still a Kid! (I cannot help it, I blame the Music) “This is a good thing, to feel young”… (Warning if and when you walk on concrete side walks, you must keep your eyes on the Ground… Side walks are not always flat and even and if not careful you could fall on your face… I know… I am speaking with personal experience… I try not to walk fast… I slow down a bit when I feel short of breath.
9. 9A and 10) I love to have Rumba Music on and I dance to the Rumba music, Nothing fancy, I move my feet as if I am following a square and while doing so I purposely exaggerate my moves… (I am trying to slim down around the waist)
Images 11 to 18 I am showing how I use my Rubber Band and I do these exercises in slow motion… I do so because they are harder to do, however, easier/nicer to my joints.
11) This is a good exercise for the upper body…
12) The way I do this Exercise, it is good for the biceps as well for the sides…
13 & 14) Are basically the same exercise and they are good to tighten the back of the arms…
15) This exercise is good for the arms and back. (I do alternate and I give both sides a good Work-out)
16) For me, this is the toughest exercise, possibly because of the constant pain that I feel especially so on my right shoulder.
17) Is an easy exercise and is good for the back of the arms.
18) By utilizing the Rubber Band, I am able to do Leg-Lifts much easier…
19) This is another Exercise that I enjoy doing, I try to keep my back straight, I bend my knees and I twist my body slowly to the left and to the right and each time that I do so I try to go as far as I can. (A great exercise for the waist)
20) Because of my sore shoulder I do not enjoy Push-Ups, however, I do them because I refuse to feel old…
21 & 22) These are Karate Punches and when I was younger I did them with a snap, now I do them Slowly, very slow and once I feel warmed up, then I do a few snap and hard punches.

Note: As I stated above I am 74 and I do the above exercises slowly and carefully… (Except for my walking, I cannot help it , I have much energy and I walk fast… Always have)

Regarding the Photos: I took each one using a Timer, therefore if you do not like them, do not blame me, blame the Camera!!!

If you are close to my age and if you want to do similar exercises, I suggest you see your Doctor first and see if your Doctor will give you the OK to do so… All or part of…

I wish everyone a good health

DalliGold Email address





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