“Gold Miners” It pays to have Dalli as your exclusive Broker …  “You will profit more and grow faster; Guaranteed”!

Aloysius Dalli

Dear Gold Miner,

As your Broker, you would sell directly to my End buyer a Large Refinery in Dubai.                          (You would bypass Gold Buyers that make most of the profit by reselling your Gold to a Gold Refineries)

The Refinery is a Large Refinery and they only buy Gold Bars or Gold Nuggets on CIF basis only.  They will pay you directly within 72 hours and will only pay for your Gold.

You the Gold Seller must be able to pay for your needed Documents, Insurance and freight. You would pay for everything till your Gold reaches the Dubai Airport

The Refinery will only pay for the Gold and nothing else. This means you must also be able to afford your trip to Dubai to see your Gold being smelted, pay for your Hotel accommodation and your meals.

For safety reasons the written Contract between you and the Refinery will include that by arrangement the Gold Refinery will be responsible to pick up your Gold from the Dubai Airport to the Refinery for Smelting and assaying.

The Buying Refinery will pay you for the Gold within 72 hours.

Once you sell to my End Buyer/the Refinery 50 Kilos of Gold bars I will then supply to you as a Gift the use of a Brand New Hilux Toyota Truck to be used as a Tool in order to earn even more money.

I will explain to you how to utilize the Truck to earn more money once we close the first 50 Kilos of Gold.

Regarding the above mentioned “Gift”, The Toyota Truck with my DalliGold.com Logo painted on both sides of the vehicle as shown below; I will supply such a Gift to you only if my Commission on the 50 Kilos of Gold would support the Cost of the stated Toyota Truck.  (Even if I must use my entire commission)

If my commission on 50 Kilos of Gold bars is not enough to pay for a New Toyota Truck, it may take your having to sell more Gold to the Refinery to obtain the Truck from me.

My intent is Honorable, however, it must make sense, I cannot afford to render such a Gift to you and lose money in the process.

The Toyota Truck will remain in my name (Aloysius Dalli) for 3 years and at the end of 3 years the Truck would then become yours to do as you wish. This is to insure that my DalliGold.com Logo remains painted on the Truck for 3 years and to insure that the Truck would not be sold during the 3 year period; also by written agreement to insure that I remain your Broker for the same number of years for similar Commissions.

In order to proceed we must first have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by you the Gold Miner/Seller and me as your Broker…

Do you need Modern Mining Equipment? I am willing to supply such to you by your giving me a 5 year Contract as your exclusive Broker.  I will supply Modern Mining Equipment (what you need) strictly from commissions that I would earn from the sale of your Gold to the Refinery in Dubai.

I am hoping to hear from Real Gold Miners that have Gold to sell on CIF basis as described above.


Re: The Dalli Gold Program for Gold Miners in need of Modern Mining Equipment

Note: The below New Mining Equipment is expensive and I am of the opinion that in the long run it is better to have new Equipment so as to have fewer down Time. As you know “Time is money”…

In order to obtain the below Mining Equipment we would need to sell a considerable amount of Gold Bars or Gold Nuggets to the Gold Refinery in Dubai.

As I stated above I am not in the business of selling Mining Equipment, I would need to buy the Equipment from the Commissions I will earn selling your Gold.  The more gold we sell the quicker I would be able to buy the Equipment which conditionally I would supply to you. (My Refinery does not accept Gold dust)

To Speed up the process of having more Gold to sell you may want several Hilux Toyota Trucks with the Dalli Logo to use as a tools in order to be able to sell more Gold to my Gold Refinery. This is subject to negotiations between you the Gold Miner and me, Your Exclusive Broker.

If you prefer different but new Gold Mining Equipment, different than what is shown below no problem I will work with you.

To see the Video of the Dove Superminer Wash Plant Click HERE

To visit DOVE Manufacturing, Click HERE

To see a Video of a Cat Excavator in Action Click HERE

The below image of the CAT Excavator is meant as a sample only. CAT Offers many Models and it would be up to the Miner which Cat Excavator is preferred. To visit the CAT Web site, click HERE


Principles of Operation for the new Cat® 735C, 740C EJ & 745C Articulated Trucks. Click HERE  to see a Video of this amazing Truck.

If you will need additional Equipment conditionally I will work with you.

I want you to know that I feel so committed about my Program that initially I would be satisfied if I only net One Dollar ($1.00) as my commission in order for you to receive the Toyota Hilux Truck or Trucks in order to speed up the process of selling more Gold to my Refinery in Dubai.

Mining more Gold means more Equipment, more equipment will produce more Gold, More Gold, more profits…

If you own a Rich Gold Mine and able to prove it and wish to have the use of Modern Mining Equipment contact me:

Aloysius Dalli