Physical Therapy And Various Diseases

Physical Therapy And Various Diseases

Physical therapist explaining shoulder pain patient with model

Bone infection is the result of fracture, which varies in size according to the force leading to the bone fracture. A closed fracture, which occurs in the bones without penetrating the skin wall of the body and an open fracture, the bones are transverse or longitudinal, deviate from their location and enter the skin wall opposite them, and with the naked The eye can be seen, and thus the most difficult species, and require

Immediate surgery – Physical Therapy And Various Diseases

Transverse fracture, which occurs across the width of the bones.
Spiral fracture, which results from exposure to two different forces, such as twisting.
Pathological fractures, fractures due to exposure to various bone diseases such as bone cancer and osteoporosis.

After the surgeon heals the fracture, the role of physical therapy comes directly, as it has an important role in restoring movement of the joints and muscles, and use ultrasound devices immediately after the fracture to increase fracture capacity. And increases the proportion of minerals that make up those bones and increases the density of bones.



In humans, the nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and brain nerves. When the brain becomes infected with a stroke or a part of the spinal cord, paralysis occurs in various species. There is paraplegia, which affects one half of the body, right or left, and is a quadrilateral affecting all parts of the body, and partial paralysis, which affects the upper half of the body or the lower part of the body. As a result of which the spinal cord gets hurt, then the affected organs do not move at all or move very slowly. The goal of Naturopathy here is to relocate these affected organs and then strengthen them and bring them back to their normal state.

Hair therapy:

There is a broad base of children suffering from diseases whose treatment depends entirely on physical therapy, such as cerebral palsy, postpartum and postpartum necrosis (torticollis) and cervical nerve plexus injuries. In such cases, the practitioner relies on medical exercises, and teaches the child skills such as sitting and then standing and then walking. These stages precede the child’s crawling ability and her ability to sit.


Obesity is one of the most serious diseases on the medical scene, and is next to diabetes, blood pressure, heart, and arteries, especially because it is a major cause of these diseases in a large proportion of patients. Scientists have developed a measurement of the ratio of obesity in humans, which is the measurement of body mass in the equation = body length in kilograms per kilogram of body weight, indicating the diagnosis of obesity in a patient. Once the patient has been diagnosed with obesity, he should take a healthy diet, as well as exercise. Scientists have recently proved that the treatment of obesity by diet alone, or only exercise, does not fit, both are two sides of the same coin, especially that exercise maintains muscle and strength, whereas diet alone does not. Helps, and helps to break down fat. Exercise increases the body, increases the efficiency of the heart muscle, reduces the likelihood of arterial disease and various types of diabetes diseases. For exercise, the researchers put the following conditions: exercising 3 to 5 days a week, a minimum of 20–60 minutes each time.

Obstetrics and Gynecology:

Physical therapy has been successful in reducing and treating a lot of pain in this regard, especially menstrual pain and birth pain, using various physiotherapy and exercise exercises, exercises to strengthen the back muscles. Strengthen, and pelvic muscles .. those forgotten muscles – women know nothing about, except some of them, which are of great importance at birth. Recent studies have shown that women in sports give birth without pain of acute birth more than any other woman.

Internal disease:

Of course, the most common problems in the owner’s life are respiratory infections, and the most common respiratory problems that help in healing are natural remedies: asthma, exercises to train the patient to breathe properly, and how to cope. It has to do with the crisis, as well as teaches how to use the thoracic muscles which helps in breathing when you feel asthma.

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