The Glow of Self Awareness: Meditation Techniques

The Glow of Self Awareness: Meditation Techniques

The Glow of Self Awareness: Meditation Techniques
The Glow of Self Awareness: Meditation Techniques

There are many different schools of medicine in our world and many accreditations. But the basic premise of these beliefs is that all the energy around us is related to a system. When a person wants peace and tranquility, he should focus on the first process that comes into focus.

Meditation is the process of focusing on an idea or the emptiness of the mind. Both methods involve getting rid of clutter of mind. No personal development process is complete without meditation. Ten minutes of meditation every day can also improve all areas well.

A timeless concept

Meditation is said to have been mentioned in the Vedas in 1500 BCE. It has been mentioned in detail many times in all schools of philosophy – from Tao to African culture.

Why is this idea so important? Think of meditation as a cleansing process. By focusing and getting rid of mental clutter, you are smoothing your life force and creating a strong balance between all energies. There will be increased vigilance and self-awareness in your body without being bothered by external obstacles. Sophisticated mental peace is the fundamental reason why positive, calm people are more likely to be healthy and successful than distressed people.

Of course, every mind is different and everyone is capable of self vigilance, a person must seek a technique that is best suited to their state of mind.

Point source focus

This method involves focusing on a point, a mantra, your breath or an image. You should not allow your mind to think of anything except that point. If you are focusing on a flame, then you should pay attention to the presence of the flame and be aware of it, and avoid any unnecessary thoughts. It is effective if a person does this ten minutes every day, but for better results, you should try to increase yourself
Concentration from time to time.

Attention is wandering

This method is for the abstract mind. Instead of an external source or word, just look at the thoughts going through your mind. The key is not to think too deeply about these thoughts or to transfer memories. Do not judge these ideas. Just look at them.

Having differentiated one’s own thoughts is a remarkably effective way to develop self vigilance.

Zero attention

This is a challenging method of meditation, but once you have mastered point source meditation, it is a good idea to pursue meditation.

Zero meditation requires that you keep your mind empty – create a huge void in your mind. The only thought you should have is awareness that your mind is empty. It predominantly reduces mood disorder and is super effective for anxiety.

Action meditation

For fitness freaks, paying attention to your body movements is also a meditation technique (it is essentially yoga!). Action meditation involves focusing on music or beats, or any complex dynamic in your environment.

but wait! We are missing an important step in meditation, a step that can further improve our regular meditation sessions.

What is an important belief our ancestors have and we do not?

Concept of Guru.

The ideal of a guru, about a randomly chosen spiritual master as a god, is not believed by many. Yoga techniques from the past have lost their luster today because we have lost faith in our yoga gurus. Similarly, meditation requires the guidance of an expert.

Searching for the right “meditation model” is no longer a task as it once was, now this technique helps us connect with so many passionate people who are willing to teach their ideas and share their experience of so many years. While meditation is a self-development technique, experience only enriches when we learn from the examples of meditation masters. Meditation masters are those who have already reached the “real” high quality of life; Getting their help will only help you achieve your spiritual goals one day.

Why should meditation be a regular practice? How does it help you reach your spiritual goals?

Health. Mind and body are closely related. Apart from the fact that a healthy mind is an essential thing in itself, the power of the mind on physical organs is a scientifically tested parameter of health. Meditation removes the veil that covers your mind. By having a strong, balanced mind, you will have a strong, balanced body.
Happiness always. There are many difficult situations in our life that prevent us from being what we really want to be. We cannot change the circumstances that bring our soul down; What we can do is to transform our soul into some fluid, so that it can escape the chains.

Meditation mainly promotes excellent emotional stability and a refreshingly positive attitude. A regular meditation practitioner has a soul that refuses to be released from external problems. A soul who wants to learn to be happy and pure always.

Meditation is a necessity in today’s era. We are giving humanity defeat from every tyranny that happens around us. Meditation can profoundly shape life in this way and is one of the few ways we can ever hope for peace in this world. Meditation is a personally satisfying technique and a process that should be spread to others. It is a note of peace that can change many lives.


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