The Seven Deadly Diseases: And How You Can Avoid Them

The Seven Deadly Diseases: And How You Can Avoid Them

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The Seven Deadly Diseases: And How You Can Avoid Them

Seven deadly diseases

will kill 80% of our population. He is 8 out of every 10 people. These seven deadly diseases do not send millions to each grave but thousands. The mortality rates are listed in order:    The Seven Deadly Diseases: And How You Can Avoid Them

1. Heart disease

2. Cancer

3. stroke

4. Diabetes

5. Osteoporosis

6. Arthritis

7. Alzheimer’s

Heart disease kills one in every two of us. One out of every three of us has cancer, and 80% will die of the disease.

The tragedy of this massacre is not just large numbers or untold suffering, but the fact that a proven, natural substance is readily available that can prevent these diseases from ever occurring. More than that, biochemistry has proven that large doses of this natural substance will REVERSE and even cure people from these diseases.

main cause:

All seven diseases have a common denominator directly responsible for their attack. That one common denominator is called free radical damage!

There are certainly other divisors in the mix. But the biggest, single factor that opens the door for seven deadly diseases is free radical damage.

What is free radical and why is it so harmful?

To power our bodies, about one trillion molecules of oxygen pass through 60 trillion cells every day. As we use oxygen, “free radicals” are produced by natural byproducts of oxygen metabolism.

Oxygen free radicals serve a purpose in the body by burning bacteria and denying matter. But those are not in place and when out of control, free radicals become toxic molecules that harm the body through a process known as oxidative straws.

Free radical damage (oxidative stress) is measured by oxidation hits. Research shows that each of our billions of cells has about 10,000 oxidative hits per day. It is very cell, 10,000 times per day. thinking about him.

There are protective defense systems in our body that protect us from free radical attack which can result in chronic disease and aging. But there is a problem.

Reduction in detection of clay minerals; Shipping of produce before harvest and harvesting; Highly refined food processing with chemical additives; Smoking Exposure to electromagnetic radiation from micro-wave ovens, copy machines, computer monitors, cell phones, television sets; And all the reasons for exposure to free radicals in air and water is that our body suffers from its innate ability to avoid free radical damage.

When the burden from our environment becomes too much and the quality of our food supply deteriorates, free radicals become heavy for oxidative stress and disease.

If there is an attack in the arteries, cholesterol and calcium heal the wound, causing “hardening of the arteries” and high blood pressure.

If this occurs in capillaries, they can begin to leak, which can easily cause injury and lead to internal blood loss.

If it occurs in joints, it is called arthritis.

In the pancreas, it is called diabetes.

On neurons, it is called Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis.

Free radical damage has also been linked to many cancers.

Anti-oxidant: free radical scavengers

Since oxygen is the most common type of free radicals, the method of neutralizing free radicals has taken the name “anti”, “oxygen” or “anti-oxidant”.

Anti-oxidants in the body destroy free radicals by feeding electrons that change their chemical composition. These new stable compounds actually enhance the oxidative process.

Anti-oxidants are very important for your health, “The amount of anti-oxidants you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.” (Dr. Richard Cutler, Director of the Government’s Anti-Aging Research Department of the National Institutes of Health).

Although our bodies try to protect us from free radical damage by producing enzymes that neutralize them, as our body ages, our natural body antioxidant system decreases. This is why middle-aged and older people need anti-oxidant supplements to ensure that the time and age has changed in their bodies.

It is not theory but fact. Sadly, modern medicine is slow to accept, biochemistry has been known for years … causes free radical damage!

what do we know:

Denham Harmon, MD, PhD, has devoted fifty years to free radical research. He was the first researcher to pursue a theory of aging leading to random biological damage, presumably from the indiscriminate chemical reaction of free radicals.

The theory implies that anti-oxidants such as vitamins E and C, which prevent free radicals from oxidizing to sensitive biologicals
Molecules will slow down the aging process. Dr. Harman launched his theory for the first time by showing that feeding mammals a variety of anti-oxidants was able to extend their lifespan. He reported:

“By including anti-oxidants in the diet, the average life expectancy of many species has exceeded 20 … This increase is equivalent to increasing human life span from the current 74.8 years to 97.2 years.” (Medicine at the University of Nebraska Hardaman, M.D.

The question of aging is directly related to the disease, because it is such a disease that shortens our lifespan. Eliminate conditions that cause illness and life span will increase dramatically. And Dr. According to Harmon’s original and subsequent research, free radical damage is the primary cause of the disease.

World renowned expert on nutrition, Drs. Michael Colgan, and author of New Nutrition, had this to say;

“The evidence is now irrefutable that the correct use of right
Anti-oxidants can prevent cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, adult-onset diabetes, and a host of other diseases and even host other diseases, the primary causes of which are cataracts, lung disorders, liver disorders. And more free radical oxidation including degenerative diseases. Of mind. ”

Dr. Colgan further states that heart disease is “the easiest to prevent and even reverse all man-made diseases, if you follow just the right nutrition, plus a little easier exercise to blow the cobs . ”

To live a disease-free life,
Supplement your diet with anti-oxidants:

The best known anti-oxidant supplements include vitamins C and E, selenium and pine bark extracts, grape seed extracts, raspberries, blueberries and pomegranates. One of the most concentrated form of anti-oxidant is found in the berry which comes from the province of Ningxia in China called Wolfberry. (Tufts University Study)

While Chinese Wolfberry can be grown in many areas, the most antioxidant-rich, nutrient-rich berries are grown in Ningxia Province. Extensive studies show that Ningxia Wolfberry contains 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, 29 fatty acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin E, and more beta carotene than carrots. This provides the most valuable supplement to Ningxia Wolfberry.


The primary source of the disease for aging adults is the lack of anti-oxidants, a natural substance found in nature. This means that the seven deadly diseases that kill many people are more a matter of chemistry than of medicine. This means that you have within your power and resources to prevent all seven illnesses and more.

Seven deadly diseases are part of our reality because we live in a world where it is impossible to have the right amount of nutrition without supplements. What we don’t know can kill and kill us.

Knowledge and taking action on that knowledge can mean the difference between health and longevity, and an early, tortured death. Supplementing your daily diet with anti-oxidants is a major key to good heath and longevity.


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