what is cockroach phobia some people have and other’s don’t why

 what is cockroach phobia
what is cockroach phobia

what is cockroach phobia?

As the creature whipped up her six, splintered legs and oily wings (oh, I’ll never forget the sound of that fluttering in her hair), we all recoiled from her screams, including people. 

All except the victim (or were we victims?), Who finally pulled it out of their hair with their bare hands and dumped it in a nearby drain.

What is it about cockroaches that turn completely rational and functioning individuals into publicly embarrassing exploits, while others are completely careless about them?

Someone taught you

It depends on your childhood, experts say. “Children come into the world on a large scale and are curious about their environment.

It is through learning – either from negative, traumatic experiences, or mimicking their fear of their parents – that develop phobias, ”said Jolene Hwaye, psychologist, psychiatrist and founder of Woman Care.

“As a grown-up, the experiences of others around us can contribute to the development of childhood apprehensions,” said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng,

Chief Executive Officer of Science Center Singapore. “A child who watches or swat people with the eye of cockroaches can develop an equal response to cockroaches.”


 what is cockroach phobia
what is cockroach phobia

The presence, behavior and smell of the bug as well as the negative press about cockroaches crawling into human organs does not help.

“Broadly speaking, cockroaches are thick, slick and greasy, which is a quick trigger to make us feel disgusted,” said Assoch Pro Lim.

“Some people are afraid of them because they can hide in dark places and crawl out unexpectedly.

Others imagine cockroaches attacking their homes, visiting their survivors, or possibly spreading diseases. For some people, the smell of cockroaches alone can cause nausea. “

Interestingly, you can also assume the genes responsible for the fear of ketseridaphobia or cockroaches, Assoc Prof Lim said.

“Scientists have found that mice can pass on learned information about a painful experience to later generations.

The reason people suffer from irrational fears may be inherited from the experiences of their ancestors. “

For those who do not notice the infestation on cockroaches, you can develop fear at any point in your life, Ms. Howe said.

“New fears may develop due to unforeseen circumstances and a person’s inability to cope with that specific situation.

For example, being stuck in a malfunctioning train or lift may cause an adult to have limited space or fear of claustrophobia. “

How to overcome the fear

what is cockroach phobia
what is cockroach phobia

The best way to kill a cockroach without getting too close to it? This is no surprise: spray it with a pesticide first.

“An insecticide is often used to slow cockroach movements before hitting it with a shoe or newspaper,” said Dr. Chan Hyang Hao, an in-house medical entomologist from Rentokil Initial Singapore.

But if the distance between pesticide sprays and cockroaches is still close to comfort for you,

or your fear is affecting your daily activities (such as avoiding walking next to the drains or leaving your apartment),

you should May need help, Ms Ms Hwee. “The standard treatment procedure for any phobia is exposure therapy,” she said.

“You start small by talking only about cockroaches.

Then, you progress to looking at the photos, then to seeing the dead cockroaches in the container,

perhaps looking at the cockroaches pinned in a museum, and finally, looking at the real thing. “


Know the Enemy

You know what they say about catching cockroaches? You probably have many more.

Depending on the species, cockroaches take about 30 to 150 days to develop into adults, and a fully grown female cockroach can produce up to 90 eggs.

So, if a single female cockroach barged into your house, it might take you a month before you can see her, Dr. Chan said.

“The presence of early signs such as cockroach dropping and eggs are missed, and the risk develops into an infection risk,” he said.

Three common types of cockroaches are found in Singapore.

“German cockroaches are usually seen in carton boxes, while American cockroaches are usually found in sewage or bin chutes. Brown-banded cockroaches are usually found in cars,” Dr. Chan said.

And no, pandan leaves do not kill cockroaches, it does not matter.

“Cockroaches can dislike the smell and avoid them, but they are not killed.

When the leaves dry up, they can become a food source for cockroaches and other pests, ”he said.

He said that simply using cockroach nets is not enough as they serve primarily as an instrument for surveillance – not to kill roaches.

Dr. Chan said that the best way to get rid of cockroaches is to prevent them from coming into your home.

First, seal all possible entry points into your home, including cracks under the doors and around the windows, and make sure that your refuse slope has a good seal.

Fix leaking pipes and taps as cockroaches spread in wet places.

Next, eliminating food sources. This means removing the remaining pieces from the table and kitchen counter.

Store food in airtight containers or in the fridge. If you have cans and bottles to throw away, rinse them before throwing them in the bin. And empty your bin everyday.

Decluttering is another way to beat their potential hiding places (case in point: German cockroaches).

Begin by getting rid of stacks of newspapers and magazines, and storing items in plastic containers.

Then, bring in big guns aka a pest control service.

“They will detect and apply the presence of appropriate solutions to effectively eliminate cockroach infections,” 

After that, use the cockroach trap to monitor the future signs of the insect.


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