Winning at the Law of Attraction Complete Article

Winning at the Law of Attraction Complete Article

 Winning at the Law of Attraction Complete Article
Winning at the Law of Attraction Complete Article

Winning on the Law of Attraction for me was about taking what happened to me through my life and to see what I could do about it to improve my life.

I developed arthritis after some abuse by my son’s partner and I really had difficulty handling it. I loved him very much, but it seemed that the dealings I had with my whole life were playing with me once again. But as it happened together, the disruption within the family with the second son was a blessing I had not seen for a very long time.

Working with what happened and seeing that I loved my sons as much as I could, I could not trust them to increase my self-worth, especially the hardest part was when I was in that grief. I was treated the way I felt because of the harm I was dealing with. But I had no choice but to deal with grief and pursue my life.

Once I was done with grief I thought about what I really wanted. I had only returned to a place where I had spent my whole life, and the friends I had in my pre-life life were very busy for me and I felt really alone. I had to take steps to make new friends and move forward in my life.

I saw what was available for me to do and joined an aqua fitness class. I go each week and I really feel great. There are many other women in the class and it is fun and I also have to exercise. I am going to start singing classes in the next weeks and this is one thing that I would really like. I love singing but improving my voice and singing songs is a dream come true for me.

I have also met a person who feels that he is the right partner for me and I love the time we have.

Lifeworks when we have the courage to get away from the stories of doom and despair, when life starts to be against us it is so easy to tell ourselves.

When life is falling apart then it is easy to believe that it should not happen and resist what is going on. But opposing whatever is happening serves to make us feel bad and gives us an opportunity to get back on track in a way that we had not even imagined. That is when the law of attraction is coming into practice. The one where there is magic.


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