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Dalli Gold

Please read the Dalli Gold Presentation

Gold Miners

If you have Gold Bars or Gold Nuggets to sell and if you need Modern Mining Equipment Email to me at:

This is The incredible DOVE Superminer Wash Plant

With this Wash Plant you would grow from Small Scale Gold Miner to a Good Size Gold Miner...

Conditionally Additional Mining Equipment could be had

If you have sufficient Gold to sell at an agreed to price, you could wind up with all the tools you need to Grow your Mining Company

What I am offering Small Scale Gold Miners is a two way Street; I am not offering any favors, what I am offering is strictly business. I am not in the business of selling Gold Mining Equipment, I would need to Buy Modern Mining Equipment from the commissions I would derive from selling the Gold to a Gold Refinery. If you have Gold to sell Email to me, lets negotiate. Regards Aloysius Dalli